With our extensive expertise in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of professional services designed to optimise your operations and drive your success.

Product Maintenance

Maintaining the system and catering for possible changes and new requirements. Included in STT’s standard license fees is product maintenance, ensuring the systems we supply to you are always compatible with the latest technology.

Client & Product Support

Our client services team is available to assist you with any support queries you may have and escalate any technical issues to our technical teams to ensure we resolve any support queries asap.

Customised Development

STT provides off the shelf and customised products suited to your business. Depending on your requirements STT’s flexible development processes allow us to customise our products to your needs and continue maintaining them to ensure you always have the ideal solution.

Consultancy & Project Management

During implementation of STT’s systems, our experts can provide consultancy services before, during and after implementation on IT infrastructure, system integration, drafting of specifications and procedures and more. Providing you not only with a system, but be your partner in ensuring the successful implementation of any project.

Software as a Service

We can host any of our systems in the cloud as a complete SaaS offering or they can be provided on premise and our support team will ensure your team receives any support they need to ensure optimal performance of our systems.

IT Services

Our experienced IT team can provide IT consultancy services and IT operational services tailored to your business needs.

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