Real-Time Risk Management (RTRM)

Key Features

  • Real time margin requirement calculation
  • Real time profit/loss calculation
  • Real time cash and/or accrued marking to market
  • Real time cash deficit calculation
  • Pre-order risk management
  • Risk limit settings per client and per asset
  • Limit breach notifications
  • Alert monitoring and analysis

Product Overview

Managing risk is an essential component in every business. Attempting to successfully control and mitigate that risk is something that proves to be an ever-escalating challenge in the financial market environment. The Risk management module offered by Securities Trading Technology manages risk exposure in real time across multiple asset classes.

The Risk management module was developed for clearing firms, brokerages, and commercial, private and investment banks for the risk management of multiple asset classes including all derivatives futures and options. The Risk management module will enable accurate and an instantaneous summary with regards to exposure on client - and broker trading accounts.

Protect and optimise your trading or clearing business by holistically managing risk effectively in real time. Improve transparency by monitoring client exposures and margin requirements. Be instantly notified in the event of limit breaches set on margins, exposure or cash balances.

Solution Screenshots

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