Trading System (AVVENTO)

Key Features

  • Trading and Transaction Views
  • Multiple Order Type
  • Real time market data
  • Level 3 order book
  • Trade and Order Management
  • Complete Order Audits with Order life cycle
  • On-screen and Report Only Trading
  • Trading Watchlists
  • Post-trade Functionality / Deal and Position Management
  • Stock charts and indicators
  • Trade notifications and alerts
  • Shortcut options for rapid Order placement
  • Audits for User access and User activity
  • User Layout Customisability: Change and save layouts and colours
  • User Trading Settings: Set trading limits and default accounts per User
  • Excel Integration for downloads and uploads of clients and bulk trades
  • User Management: Manage Users, their roles and permissions
  • DMA Client Management
  • Order approval workflow for client order authorisation before entering the market
  • FIX API for order routing through the Avvento platform
  • Algo Module with standard Algos available

Product Overview

Avvento Trader & Deal Management Web, Smartphone & Desktop Applications

Developed for Broker, Trader and DMA Clients Trading on multiple exchanges globally, including exchanges running STT’s Exchange Solution.

Avvento, offered by STT, is an internet-based trading solution, developed using the latest technology, providing a robust, reliable solution.

Avvento is available as a browser-based trading platform developed as a Progressive Web App that can be installed on a smart phone or tablet as an application. Avvento can also be installed as a Windows desktop application.

Avvento provides trading on multiple asset classes including Equities, Bonds, Commodities and Derivatives. With multiple modules, Avvento provides Trading, Post-trade deal management, Real Time Risk Management (including pre-order validation) for Derivatives, Data downloads and reports.

With its segregation of roles, Avvento is used for both Broker Dealers and Direct Market Access (DMA) Clients. Avvento’s Web and Smartphone application offers the ideal interface for DMA Clients to trade on an exchange. Thanks to Avvento’s complete integration between its systems, all client orders can be viewed and approved by their Broker prior to entering the market.

Brokers have a complete view of all their clients’ activities, and clients can view all orders and trades they have placed, or their Broker has placed on their behalf.

Solution Screenshots

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