Automated Trading System (ATS)

Key Features

  • Platform agnostic
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Capable of running 24/7
  • Any asset class
  • Binary & FIX Apis
  • Multicast & Unicast Market Data

Product Overview

STT’s Automated Trading System was developed using state of the art technology which enables connectivity from anywhere in the world as a cloud native or on premise hosted solution.

Provided as part of STT’s Exchange Solution or as a Standalone system. The ATS can integrate to both STT’s settlement systems as well as third party settlement systems.

The Matching & Trading Engine is a comprehensive order management and post trade solution. Delivering business value to the exchange and its participants out of the box, with complete support for all asset classes, quoting/trading methodologies, as well as boasting a comprehensive open API in FIX and Native formats, with multicast and unicast market data options.

This high performance, low latency and scalable solution was developed using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies.

With its ability to run on any OS including Microsoft and Linux, this solution truly promises the lowest cost of ownership, whilst at the same time delivering richness in functionality and immediate value.

STT’s ultra low latency, scalable and flexible Matching Engine capable of running any asset class in 24/7 is the perfect solution for any exchange.

Solution Screenshots

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