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Avvento Trader & Deal Management Desktop Application

Developed for Broker, Traders and DMA Clients Trading on multiple exchanges globally including the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Avvento offered by STT is an internet based trading solution. Developed using the latest technology, Avvento provides a robust, reliable solution. Avvento is available as a browser-based trading platform developed as a Progressive Web App that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet as an app. As well as a Windows © based installable application.

Avvento provides trading on multiple asset classes including Equities, Bonds, Commodities and Derivatives. With multiple modules, Avvento provides Trading, Post-trade deal management, Real time risk management (including pre-order validation), Data downloads and reports.

With its segregation of roles and integration to the Real time risk management and Back-office modules, Avvento is used both for broker dealers and Direct Market Access (DMA) clients

  • Trading and Transaction Views
  • Multiple order types
  • Trade and Order management
  • On-screen and report only trading
  • Trading Watchlists
  • Post trade functionality / Deal and Position Management
  • Fees and Commissions: Charge fees and commission to clients or counter-parties or simply setup all fees to automatically charge fees on trades
  • Stock charts and indicators
  • Trade notifications and alerts
  • Shortcut options for rapid order placement
  • Audits for user access and user activity
  • User Layout Customisability: Change and save layouts and colours
  • User trading settings: set trading limits and default accounts per user
  • Excel Integration for downloads and uploads of clients and bulk trades
  • User Management: manage users their roles and permissions
  • Standard VWAP/TWAP/Sniper Algorithms & Algo API for development of customised Algos
  • FIX API for order routing through the Avvento platform
  • Failover
  • Integration with RTRM module for real time risk management and alerts
  • Integration with GCMS modules for Clearing and Trading Reports and back-office functionality
  • Compatible with the GCMS solution, providing full back office capability to Avvento from one solution.

Avvento Trader Web, Tablet & Smartphone

Avvento Trader Web is developed using the latest ASP.NET Web API and Angular 6 creating an ultra-fast and responsive trading system providing a browser-based system and mobile app compatible with tablet and smartphones. Ideal for Traders who need market access while on the move or for broker clients looking for a simple and elegant direct market access trading system (DMA)

Avvento Web used the same back-end as Avvento Desktop, meaning you can use both with the same account depending on your location.

Including Trading and transactions views, trading watchlists, full market depth, stock charts, algos, trading and order management, Avvento Web provides the perfect web-based trading platform to view and trade on any market.


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