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Product Overview

STT’s Exchange solution is a truly comprehensive solution for all exchange venues. The solution consists of an automated trading engine, OTC trading engine, automated position management, back office administration component, web and desktop enabled vanilla trading front end, Multiple Instrument Clearing System for use in derivative markets, as well as a world leading surveillance solution. These individual components can work in isolation, integrating into existing or 3rd party components, or as an end to end exchange solution

STT’s Exchange Solution makes use of the latest technologies and uses industry standard protocols. This makes the life cycle from project initiation to go-live a seamless, and hassle-free experience. Our wealth of experience in varied global exchange sites, implementing varied exchange topologies, across multiple asset classes and different regulatory frameworks, provide STT with an advantage in assisting prospective clients find the right fit for their environment. We aim to lower the total cost of ownership, adding no dependencies on specialised and expensive infrastructure, skill sets or any non-standard protocols.

The STT Exchange Solution supports the trading, clearing and settlement of all asset classes, from Spot Equity and Fixed Income products, Derivative products and Over the Counter products. As well as providing a platform for the trading of warehouse receipts and silo certificates for a formalised commodity market.

Key Features:

  • APIs provide direct access to the ATS and are TCP Based
  • Manage multiple interfaces or connections for public market data, private transactional data or trading instructions all at once, using a single connection.
  • Real time level 3+ Market Data to track orders in the queue with specific record and account/client identifiers attached
  • Real time Index data including constituent information
  • Full reference data downloads including securities, all trading attributes such as lot sizes, tick sizes, price spreads, trading rule variables and parameters, trading times, and real time updates.
  • Full downloads of accounts list information in real time
  • Full transaction data downloads including active orders, trades, crossings, and positions in real time.
  • Historical downloads of transactional data
  • Transactional Audit data downloads for last 3 Business days
  • Full onscreen trading access
  • Full off screen trading access
  • Consolidated order book
  • Full Execution management  
  • Full Trade Validation
  • Trade management, affirmation, give up, splitting, enrichment and routing
  • Automatic or manual exercise and assignment of options and settlements
  • Electronic access via vanilla front end or via open API over Web
  • Efficient order Routing  
  • Multi-asset class trading with multiple instruments from equities, bonds, derivatives, debt, commodities
  • Multiple market structures (COB, OFF-EX, OTC)
  • Comprehensive range of order types
  • Trading limits and circuit breakers
  • Multiple trading methods (continuous matching, auctions etc.)
  • Real-time publication of data (trades, positions, risk, open interest)
  • Real-time publication of statistics (high/low, VWAP, volume, RTOI)
  • Full user management and system monitoring
  • Automatic or manual exercise and assignment of options and settlements  
  • Reporting into various formats
  • Allows Real-time loading of Instruments and Entities, no waiting period

Business Benefits

  • Enhancing Performance
  • Providing Flexibility & Scalability
  • 100% Reliable
  • Strong foundation for Future Growth

Equities Exchange

STT’s Exchange solution is perfect for Equity trading. Integrated with STT’s or a third party CSD for settlement, STT’s equities exchange solution caters for all requirements including processing of corporate actions, new listings and de-listings, management of indices and real-time publishing of data to various Native, Fix and web service feeds.

STT’s native and FIX APIs are already used by multiple trading and data vendors globally, providing a robust and proven system with low cost of ownership to help grow your market.

Commodities Exchange

STT’s Exchange solution and Silo receipt system are ideal for any spot commodity exchange. Providing silo owners with the ability to upload silo receipts that can be instantly traded at the exchange.

Payment and delivery is then insured using STT’s CSD system

Derivatives Exchange Solution

STT’s Exchange solution combined with its Multi instrument clearing system provides a complete solution for any derivatives exchange and clearing house for trading and settlement of a wide variety of asset classes, including futures, options and spreads on commodity, currency, single stock, index and bond derivatives

Fixed Income Exchange

STT’s Exchange solution combined with its collateral management solution provides a complete solution for any Fixed income exchange and OTC markets.

Ability to trade bonds, repos, sell-buy backs and money market instruments via on-screen trading, report only and request for quotes (RFQ).

STT’s CSD and Collateral Management Systems (CMS) ensure settlement and automated transfer of collateral.


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