AVVENTO: The ITaC Solution

April 4, 2020
AVVENTO: The ITaC Solution

Neutron on Steroids: Securities & Trading Technology’s Avvento Trader is the perfect ITaC Solution

Securities & Trading Technologies recently turned thirty (since 1985); and what better way to celebrate than to provide the market with a solution designed specifically for the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) ITAC initiative. The software company who developed the commonly used NEUTRON trading front end; issued by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange will provide the market with a new exciting derivatives products.

For the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) ITAC initiative STT will provide an integrated derivatives solution. STT’s integrated solution will include modules which will make our valued clients’ daily operations even simpler providing all the tools required to conduct their business expertly and efficiently. STT will provide the market with three integrated modules:

·        Avvento(NEUTRON Replacement)

·        RTRM(Real time Risk Management)

·        GCMS(Clearing & Settlement)

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Trade any market from the same screen

APD Trading screen

View client, trader, broker margin movements, exposures, limits and breach notifications from the risk management system

Broker Overview : Risk Management

Simulate positions to estimate the impact on your margin requirement

Margin simulation screen

Develop custom ALGO's directly for use in avvento

Built in ALGO Toolpack

  • API & Toolpack that allows users to create their own Algos
  • User maintains full control over use of Algos
  • Algorithm Developer Toolpack included with all Avvento Trader Licenses