About Securities Trading Technology

Since 1985, STT has grown its solutions to offer a wide variety of systems across the globe; in Africa, Caribbean and Europe. The STT group is comprised of several companies including STT (South Africa), STT TradeClear and STT (Mauritius)

Change is a part of any business and at STT that change presents an opportunity to create a competitive advantage in the industry and shine above our competitors. We are passionate about creating tailored solutions for individual companies with the highest standards ensured and with our extensive collective knowledge in the financial markets, we strive to deliver quality products – that are not only in line with the latest technology – but follow best practice. Building long term partnerships is one of the fundamental missions of STT as a business and keeping and maintaining those relationships is our core aim. At STT we view providing software solutions as an on-going, long term commitment; and so with that, the solutions grow and develop over time, just as our clients change over time.

STT has been the provider of solutions to many financial markets around the world.

From STT’s very humble beginnings, to becoming an important player as Financial Market software provider, STT’s ever growing client base includes the likes of Central Banks, Clearing Houses, Commercial Banks, Private and Investment Banks, Brokers, Insurance Companies, Trading Houses, Corporate Treasury Operations, CSDs and Central Securities Depository Participants.

Our winning success is due to our client centric attitude, our quick turn-around times, our attention to detail and our agile approach to development that allows for speedy delivery times.

STT provides exchange financial solutions to a number of different Exchanges, Clearing Members, Brokers, Banks, Custodians and Fund Managers locally and abroad. We have been in operation for over 34 years and our practices, policies and processes are well proven.Securities & Trading Technology (STT), founded in 1985, is an independent, privately-owned South Africa-based Company specialising in the development of leading Financial Market software solutions. Our core products cover exchange solutions, trading systems, custodian solutions, central depository solutions, risk management and back office management systems.


Directors and Management

Jeremy Hodgson

Chairman of the Board

Michelle de Beer

Managing Director

Zack Hodgson

Marketing & Sales Director

Michelle Hodgson

Director Management Committee

Mike Krug

Project and Client Services Director

Dewald Marais

Group Director: Managing Director - STT TradeClear, Client Relations Director- STT

Riaan Kruger

Director Group: Technical Director - STT TradeClear, Group Architect Director- STT

Johan van der Merwe

Operations Director - STT TradeClear

Patrick Maphike

Development Director - STT TradeClear

Ron Stafford

Financial Director

David Furnivall

Human Resources Manager