Broker Back Office

Product Overview

Equities and Bonds Back-Office solution

STT’s Broker Back Office Solution (BBO) is a Compliance and Portfolio Reporting Solution which allows trading participants to manage their clients and trading accounts as they mitigate associated risks. The system has the ability to Import Transactional Data and link that to multiple Custody Systems, Fortress Custody and other systems. Transactional data can also be loaded dynamically and real-time on the system from the STT ATS solution or other third party trading venues.

Other features also include Accrual based reporting and on-line

Client Registrations. A simple to use automated auto reconciliation means no journals postings or manual capture is necessary for incorrectly loaded transactions.

Key Features:

  • Client Management: Manage client KYC information, client accounts and statements
  • Accounting module: Manage accounts, cash balances, fees and interest income
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Real-time view of Transactions as they take place on Custody or ATS systems
  • Real-time view of Cash Accounts and movements
  • Web login for Administrators and Clients
  • User management
  • Authorisation module
  • Integrated Workflow
  • SQL Database
  • Task Scheduler Capability
  • Multi Format Printout Export
  • No database scripts required, Integrated Database Synchronisation tool
  • Integrates with Avvento trader and other third party trading systems

Derivatives Back-Office solution

When activating the GCMS module in Avvento, Avvento can be an impressive trading tool – and back office solution providing access to clearing and settlement information.

Back-office information and functionality available to a user include:

  • Manage clients and client accounts
  • Accounting: Setup a GL to manage payments and cash movements for transactions, fees, margins
  • Integrates to downstream accounting systems
  • Historic Transactional & Clearing Views: View trades including all clearing and settlement calculations such as exchange -, clearing – and broker fees, trade variation margin and dividends.
  • View positions including all clearing and settlement calculations such as exchange -, clearing – and broker fees, trade - , position -, total -, cumulative contract – and cumulative position variation margin.
  • View daily settlement figures such as initial margin balance, variation margin, dividends, total exchange -, clearing – and broker fees.
  • Settlement Views & Functions: The user can view their margin - and call account balance, including interest margin - and on call account.
  • Users can view their account transactions for a period.
  • Reports & Scheduling: The GCMS Module provides access to a wide range of reports including settlement and clearing reports on a member and client level. The built-in scheduler, enables the system to be setup to automatically generate these reports after End of Day has run at the exchange and automatically send these to users, clients or internal members of the firm through email or sftp.
  • Real time risk management: Add the RTRM module which is part of the same solution for pro-active risk monitoring and management

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